That's a wrap! Our HeartGrams have now been packaged and delivered!

Give a HeartGram and Give Back

This February 2018, individuals and employees alike can order HeartGrams for friends, colleagues, or loved ones. HeartGrams will be delivered to a few select blocks of downtown businesses or can be picked up at select distribution partners within Greater Victoria.

To make a difference in the local community, $1 from every HeartGram purchased will be donated to a cause of the purchaser's choice! Here's another look at why giving back is so close to the heart of this Valentine's Day campaign.

HeartPress PR designed this HeartGram campaign specifically to offer unique fundraising opportunities for local companies and individuals while incorporating an easy, thoughtful way to give back to the community. The campaign exists to create a fun and accessible way for Victorians to give on Valentine’s Day.

We also have a Corporate HeartGram Program — Connect with Us to find out more.